For Nepal and Syria
Sachie Mikkeli Jano-keräys

For Nepal and Syria

I went to Nepal in 2013 for a month to do volunteer work, and was deeply impacted by my experience. I fell in love with the country and the people I met, so this tragedy really hit me hard. I contacted several non-profit organizations asking how I could help and all of them recommended I start a fundraiser of my own. I called Unicef and asked where the money was going from this Jano-campaign and I was told that half was going to Nepal and half was going to Syria. I am ashamed to say that my first reaction was to switch to another organization because I wanted all of my efforts and money to go specifically to Nepal, which is extremely narrow-minded of me. Just because I've been personally touched by Nepal, it doesn't mean that people in Syria deserve my help any less. And I think that's the root of the problem. None of this touches us and that's why we can go about our days without giving it another thought. But this tragedy is a reality for a lot of people. The official death toll in Nepal has risen to more than 4000. The UN estimated that 220 000 people have died in the Syrian Civil War. When I read the news and see that 3201 people have died, it doesn't make any difference to me whether the number goes up to 3300. But if even one person I cared about died, it would make all the difference. I once read this quote: 'Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are', and I think it's true. I'm pleading that all of you who read this post, help out by making a donation. It doesn't have to be large; you could simply buy one less coffee for yourself and donate the money instead. It's not a lot from us who have been blessed to grow up in first world countries. We all have the power to do good and make this world a slightly better place. With 10 euros, you can donate 2 warm blankets. With 13 euros, you can donate a water and hygiene package to a family. With 32 euros, you can donate an emergency relief package. With a little bit of heart, we can do a lot. Here is more information on the campaign in Finnish:

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For Nepal and Syria
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