Cycling Summer 2013
Cycling Summer 2013 Helsinki Maailman lapset

Cycling Summer 2013

We are two students about to pack our tent and sleeping bags on top of our bicycles and ride across United States,from San Francisco to New York 22.5.- 18.8.2013. We have 3 months to finish almost 5000km tour and raise funds to help the world´s children. We can´t do this by our selves, we need your help as well. Hundreds of millions of children and young people struggle to live. They work instead of going to school. They live on the streets where they are at risk of violence and exploitation. They can´t afford proper healthcare or even nutrition to keep them healthy. Not to mention bad conditions of water, sanitation and hygiene which leads to death of estimated 1.2 million under 5 year old who die from diarrhea. Let´s all help UNICEF save lives, protect childhoods and getting children to school. Even the smallest donation counts. 1€ --> 250 water purification tablets 25€ --> Immunizations to protect a child for life against the six leading childhood diseases. 77€ --> Bicycle to help medics travel faster and easier to the furthest villages as well. 100€ --> Basic family water kits for 10 households, including soap, water and purification tablets. 178€ --> "School-in-a- box" kit containing basic education supplies for 80 children during times of crisis. 373€ --> Water pump to get clean water for the whole village. You can follow our journey; Cycling Summer 2013 /Facebook cyclingsummer13 /Twitter

Amount Raised:
Target: 20,000 €
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Cycling Summer 2013
Cycling Summer 2013
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