Be a part of the better future
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Be a part of the better future

At age 20, I became a mom, at 25 - a step-mom. My mothership path was not easy: it was rather full of doubts, sometimes anxiety, and always growth. I was not at best in too many cases, but I keep on trying. With and through children, I learn a lot about love, forgiveness and things that really matter. Today I hope all of my children know they are very important to me. Now there has come time in my life when sharing became primal. In light of recent Kemerovo tragedy, in which tens of children burnt in a cinema, and recently publisized outrageous cases of children dying of hunger in Venezuela (alongside thousands of cases of children's chronic malnutrition around the world, including my homeland Moldova), I decided to establish this fund to also let my friends know about a concrete possibility to help children worldwide and thus BE a PART of a BETTER FUTURE. Every one of us can make difference, let's help save a life, together! thank you!

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Be a part of the better future
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